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Antiaging Nutritional Supplements


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Gabe G.
Their aesthetic nurse, Carli, is brilliant. She's very well educated on all the treatments available and I love helping support any veteran of our armed forces. Be sure to thank Carli for her service at the spa along with her service to our country when you go to see her.
Emily W.
I had some facial fillers. No bruises.....very comfortable procedure. Dr. Stong and staff are excellent! Love the results. Would send my family and friends for treatments....I highly recommend them!
John M.
I suffered from scarring after receiving an injury to my face. The K Spa and their advanced laser resurfacing techniques made the scarring go away. Highly recommend.
Barbara F.
Pleasant experience...I have been getting Botox with Dr Stong and lasers and chemical peels with their aesthetics nurse for sometime now. Results are excellent and my skin looks fabulous. I highly recommend Dr Stong and his knowledgeable staff!
Jason T.
Excellent experience and top quality work!

Anti-aging Nutritional Supplements

Knowing which nutritional supplements to use in order to feel healthy and maintain your youthful appearance can be a daunting task considering the mountain of available products. At The K Spa, we can provide you with guidance in this area. The founder of The K Spa, Dr. Benjamin Stong, is dual board certified in facial plastic surgery and an accomplished aesthetic physician. He is world-renowned for his expertise and highly recognized for his experience in matters of skin health. Having made the study of facial plastic surgery and skin rejuvenation a focal point of his life, Dr. Stong is well-versed in anti-aging supplements. His expertise and experience make him an authority on products that can help you maintain and enhance your youthful appearance.

The K Spa specializes in minimally invasive and non-surgical cosmetic treatments to enhance your appearance and help you look younger. However, Dr. Stong also appreciates the importance of maintaining a healthy, vibrant body from the inside out. He understands the necessity of anti-aging nutrients to help offset the impediments to optimal health that your body must manage every day. Pollution, over-processed food, and poor dietary habits are just a few of the insults to your body that can adversely impact its wellbeing.

We Recommend Lumity

Lumity is an anti-aging supplement endorsed by The K Spa and recommended by Dr. Stong. Unlike many nutritional supplements, Lumity was created to work with your body’s natural cycles. The soft gels are taken at the appropriate time to help with the body’s normal functions and restore depleted nutrients. The morning soft gels assist your body’s energy systems in producing a feeling of vitality. They help to energize cells to increase performance and work more efficiently.  They also help eliminate toxins from the body and repair damage caused by oxidation. Your skin will show the benefits from the elastin and collagen-formation, which is enhanced by Lumity’s morning soft gels.

The evening soft gels continue the process by reinforcing the action of the morning soft gels in fighting against oxidation. In addition, muscle, bone density and healthy tissues are helped by the stimulated release of human growth hormone (HGH). While you sleep, your body will be repairing and renewing itself more efficiently with the help of Lumity.

The benefits of Lumity increase over time, enhancing the effects that will lead to a healthier, more vivacious you. Contact us today and find out more about this all natural anti-aging supplement. We are here to help you look your best.

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