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Brown Spot Reduction/Hyperpigmentation Treatments/Skin Lightening

Brown Spot Reduction

Understanding brown spot reduction with lasers starts with understanding what causes those brown spots to begin with. A simple explanation is that your skin contains molecules and cells of pigment that attract the tanning rays of the sun. When a number of those cells or molecules collect in one area, you develop brown spots. They can be small like freckles, which usually have a genetic component. Or they can be larger, irregular patches that may result from the use of certain medications, changes in hormone levels or simply from sun exposure over the years. Regardless of their size and source, laser skin treatments can be extremely effective in lightening brown spots, as the laser energy is attracted to the darker pigmented areas of your skin.

Hyperpigmentation Treatments

Hyperpigmentation is another way that melanin (skin pigment cells) develops uneven coloration in your skin. These are generally wider and more irregular brown or grey areas, usually more frequent in women than men. These larger areas of pigmentation can develop at a deeper level in your dermis (skin) and can be more difficult to lighten than some other types of discoloration. For this reason, laser skin treatments are often recommended for hyperpigmentation.

Laser Skin Lightening

Lasers are used in skin treatments beyond lightening of brown spots and hyperpigmentation. They can also be used to provide overall lightening and brightening of your facial complexion. You whiten and brighten your teeth. Why not brighten up your complexion, too? Lasers can be used to accomplish this type of whitening or lightening of your skin.

There are several different types of lasers used in skin treatments. At The K Spa, we will select the laser treatment that will be best suited to your skin condition and provide the best results. If laser skin treatments are not the best option, we will explain your other options for achieving the results you desire. At The K Spa, you are always the one in control and we are here to provide professional medical advice and service.

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