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Telangiectasia/Spider Veins/Broken Capillary Treatments

Telangiectasia Treatment

Telangiectasia is the scientific name for what is commonly referred to as spider veins. These are very small, red blood vessels that become visible on the skin’s surface. They can appear almost anywhere on your body, but the legs and face are two of the most common areas requested for treatment. Laser telangiectasia treatment is non-invasive, yet very effective in spider vein reduction. At The K Spa, these treatments are accomplished with very little discomfort, even on sensitive areas of the face. We have established preparatory procedures to limit the stinging sensation from the laser, so that you remain as comfortable as possible during your appointment.

Laser Spider Vein Reduction

A series of laser treatments are usually recommended to achieve the most complete spider vein reduction possible. With laser spider vein reduction, the tiny red blood vessels are actually disintegrated by the heat of the laser. With time, your body simply absorbs the remnants of the blood vessels, leaving your skin free of the bright red vessels on your skin. The number of weeks or months required for complete absorption from your skin’s surface will vary depending on the initial size of the veins. Following through on the entire series of laser treatments is critical to their successful removal.

Broken Capillary Treatments

Spider veins or telangiectasia are also referred to as broken capillaries. Capillaries are the tiny blood vessels that deliver blood flow to the surface of your skin. These thin webs or branches of capillaries can become dilated, making them visible. With proper cosmetic laser treatments, their visibility can be diminshed or eliminated all together. Aging, sun exposure, hormones, genetics and alcohol use are all possible contributors to broken capillaries or spider veins on your face.

Schedule a consultation at The K Spa to discuss broken capillary treatments using laser light therapy, and other options for reducing the spider veins on your face. With a dual board certified plastic surgeon, who is fellowship-trained, as our medical director, you have access to the highest level of medical expertise for all of your cosmetic concerns.

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