7  Non-Wrinkle Botox Treatments Atlanta, GA
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Botox® is synonymous with wrinkle treatment for aging skin, but that is far from its only cosmetic use. Botox injections are very effective at smoothing your worry or frown lines from your brow or eliminating those crow’s feet from your eyes. However, there are many ways Botox can improve your appearance beyond wrinkle treatment. Here are seven Botox treatments we offer at The K Spa.

1. Chemical Brow Lift

Botox injections can help lift your brows for a more youthful arch and appearance. The injections target the muscles that help pull down the brows – relaxing these muscles can allow the brows to naturally elevate.

2. Lip Flip

The Botox lip flip is used to create a fuller top lip. The lip muscle that pulls the lip in is relaxed, which allow the lip to “flip” outward, showing more of the pink lip skin for a fuller lip.

3. Bunny Lines Removal

The etched sidewall lines on the nose are called “bunny Lines,” as they resemble a rabbit’s nose and unlike most “wrinkles,” these can occur at any age. Botox can smooth away bunny lines with a quick 15-minute treatment.

4. Round or Square Face

Thick or larger masseter (jaw) muscles can make the face look round or square. Botox injections can relax the masseter muscles, causing them to shrink in size to create a more oval or heart-shaped face.

5. Neck Bands/Cords

The vertical neck muscles or cords can become more pronounced as you get older. Botox can relax these muscles for a svelte, youthful-appearing neck.

6. Gummy Smile

Do your top gums show when you smile? Botox can be used to slightly relax the top lip, so that it does not raise to show your gums, eliminating a “gummy” smile.

7. Chin Dimples

Do you have an orange peel chin? Botox treatment can smooth those chin dimples for a more attractive skin appearance.

There are many ways Botox is used to safely achieve a new facial appearance. To learn more about Botox injections for lines, wrinkles and many other cosmetic treatments, call The K Spa office in Atlanta, GA to schedule a cosmetic consultation.

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