Acne Scar Treatment Atlanta, GA

Chemical Peels for Active Acne Reduction

At our Atlanta medical spa, we have specialists on staff that can help reduce your active acne through effective chemical peel treatments. Our experienced aesthetician will be able to evaluate your individual needs and discuss the chemical peel treatment program that will be best suited to improve your complexion, open up clogged pores and reduce any new acne breakouts.

Chemical peels are designed to provide exfoliation by using natural plant enzymes or gentle acids to remove dead or damaged skin cells. The “chemical” reaction is a breakdown of the binders in the skin that adhere old skin cells in place. Once the reaction occurs, old skin cells slough off or “peel” away. Chemical peels vary in potency and how deep they will exfoliate the skin. Mild to moderate peels work only on the top surface of the skin, while more intense peels will result in deeper layers of skin cells flaking away.

At The K Spa in Atlanta, our chemical peel specialists will recommend the appropriate chemical peel treatment to reduce your active acne. Typically, active acne chemical peels are mild to moderate peels that do not require downtime. When chemical peels are paired with a daily acne treatment program, patients typically see a dramatic improvement in acne reduction as well as an improved complexion.

Chemical Peels for Acne Scar Reduction

Are you considering a chemical peel treatment for your acne scars? One of the most beneficial skin treatments to reveal improved skin tone, texture and clarity is the professional chemical peel. Various chemical peel treatments can be used to address a variety of skin issues, including acne breakouts and scarring. If you are looking for chemical peel acne scar treatment in Atlanta, we have medical-grade chemical peels at The K Spa. We have options with little or no downtime that can improve your acne scarring and rejuvenate your skin.

Custom Chemical Peels Designed for Your Complexion

Almost all chemical peels can help with acne scarring. The exfoliation of top skin cells, even with mild chemical peels, can fade acne scars. Deeper, pitted acne scarring may require a more intense chemical peel for the best results. Our medical aestheticians at The K Spa will evaluate your skin and acne scarring to determine the best chemical peel for your needs. We offer several different Atlanta chemical peel acne scar treatments and we will clearly explain the chemical peel treatment that is going to produce the best cosmetic result for you.

If you have mild to moderate acne scarring, we will likely recommend a lighter chemical peel depending on your skin type and scarring. There is little to no downtime with our lighter chemical peel. Our more mild chemical peels are safe for all skin types, including darker skin. You may experience a slight flaking or peeling after a few days. Our mild peel is a maintenance peel that is best used in a series of peels spaced a few weeks apart.

For patients who have more severe acne scarring and other skin aging imperfections, we offer a deeper chemical peel that will reveal improved skin tone and help rejuvenate the skin. The deeper chemical peel does require some downtime. You may experience some redness and peeling for a few days after the treatment, but the results can be more dramatic. Patients typically perform a smaller series of deeper chemical peels in order to see the best cosmetic results. Our aesthetician will always confirm that the chemical peel we recommend is safe for your skin type.

The K Spa for Effective Chemical Peels that Treat Acne and Acne Scars

Our experienced aestheticians at The K Spa can find the right chemical peel to obtain the results you desire. In addition to reducing acne and fading acne scars, chemical peels can minimize fine lines, pigment issues and brighten your skin. Our patients often combine chemical peels with other cosmetic treatments and our medical grade skin care products to get the best results.

For effective chemical peel acne and acne scar treatment in Atlanta, come see our team at The K Spa. We offer a variety of chemical peel options and other skin treatments to treat acne and fade away acne scarring. Contact our Atlanta medical spa to schedule your skin consultation with one of our medical aestheticians and we will be able to determine which chemical peel option is right for you.

* Disclaimer: These Are Actual Results For Patients Of Dr. Benjamin Stong. Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Results Can Vary Between Patients.