Acne Treatment Atlanta, GA

Laser Acne and Acne Scarring Treatment in Atlanta

Acne breakouts can continue well past the teen years into adulthood. Many people in their 20’s, 30’s and beyond have acne issues that affect their complexion. While dermatologists can offer assistance for adult acne, not everyone responds to typical acne treatments. Laser acne treatment and therapy has had great success in stopping acne breakouts and removing acne scarring. If you have tried other acne treatments and want to try laser acne treatment in Atlanta, come see us at The K Spa. We offer laser treatments for acne, laser treatments for acne scars, chemical peels, deep cleansing facials and other skin treatments to help improve your skin health and reduce or eliminate acne breakouts and acne scars.

Laser Acne Treatments

Laser acne treatments work to control acne by stimulating skin cells using light energy. The treatment is non-invasive and does not cause pain or damage to the skin. In less than an hour, our skin specialists at The K Spa can perform laser acne treatments at our clinic in Atlanta. It is a quick procedure that does not require downtime. You can come in on your lunch break and return to work after your treatment. We recommend a series of treatments spaced about four weeks apart for the best results. Some of the benefits of undergoing Atlanta laser acne treatment include:

  • Reduces enlarged pores
  • Fewer acne breakouts
  • Increased collagen
  • Faded acne scarring
  • Reduced redness
  • Improved overall skin appearance

Laser acne treatments can help minimize acne and help with other skin flaws or irregularities. The increased collagen effects can also smooth fine lines and wrinkles for more youthful, beautiful skin. The treatment is not painful and is a well-tolerated laser that does not damage the skin. After your treatment, you can reapply makeup or other skin applications and return to your normal activities.

Laser Acne Scar Treatments

If you are looking for effective treatment for facial acne scars, The K Spa is a great choice for your Atlanta laser acne scars treatment. Typically, acne scars respond well to skin laser resurfacing treatments that are also known as ablative laser resurfacing. Ablative laser resurfacing is a treatment that removes the upper levels of skin where acne scars are most prevalent and when the old skin cells are removed, new skin cells form that improve the cosmetic appearance of your face and reduce the depth and appearance of existing acne scars. Our Atlanta laser acne scar treatment specialists will recommend a custom skin treatment program for you to ensure the best possible result for your complexion.

Benefits to Laser Acne Scar Treatments

In addition to removing old skin cells, ablative laser skin resurfacing also sends heat deep into your skin. The heat that is sent into the deeper layers of your skin helps stimulate collagen production and collagen is known to help stimulate the area being treated. The additional collagen will help the new skin heal in a more even texture and firmness that will greatly reduce your existing acne scars. Collagen will also promote skin elasticity and will help provide the more youthful skin complexion that we all want to see when we look in the mirror.

Stop Acne Breakouts and Reduce Acne Scarring

If you are still struggling with acne or have leftover acne scarring, come see us at The K Spa. Our medical aestheticians can design a skin treatment plan to minimize acne and improve your overall skin appearance. We offer acne laser treatment, acne scars laser treatment, deep cleansing facials, chemical peels and customized care products to help your skin look its best. Most acne treatments require no downtime and can be performed in a brief office visit. Plus, you can have the added benefit of healthier skin with fewer flaws and imperfections with the use of our professional skin treatments.

Do not let acne or acne scarring ruin your complexion. Contact our Atlanta medical spa today to schedule a skin consultation with one of our aestheticians. Learn more about our Atlanta laser acne treatment and therapy as well as other skin treatment options to improve your skin’s appearance.

* Disclaimer: These Are Actual Results For Patients Of Dr. Benjamin Stong. Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Results Can Vary Between Patients.