Luscious Lip Transition that is Subtle in Atlanta Atlanta, GA
Lip Fillers Atlanta GA

If you want to improve the appearance of your lips without garnering too much attention, The K Spa can help. We understand that subtle aesthetics are important to many of our patients. Seeing increased volume, definition and enhanced shape is often a personal beauty goal.

Others may still subconsciously notice the difference, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. You will appear younger and attract the right kind of attention. Luscious lips can be understated and still enhance the appearance and balance of facial anatomy.

Lip Fillers

Dr. Stong, the director at The K Spa, has the skills and experience to ensure that lip enhancements meet your aesthetic goals. At his Atlanta clinic, Dr. Stong recommends a range of lip fillers that do not leave bruising and cut out the downtime associated with surgical options.

Your lips are a central facial feature that naturally attracts the eye. Dr. Stong knows how to apply lip fillers in such a way that optimum volume and definition are achieved. The trick to create subtle but obvious improvements is in the skilled hands of the plastic surgeon.

Dr. Stong & The K Spa

The K Spa has an ethos of offering patients cosmetic enhancement solutions without the associated hassles. Surgical scars, bruising, swelling and the recovery period are not sacrifices many of our patients can make. Alternatives, such as lip fillers, are a better path toward achieving peak aesthetics.

The lip filler recommendations our team makes are based on facial anatomy, skin type and several other factors. Dr. Stong offers a professional consultation where you can discuss all available options. With the benefit of expert education, you can guide your own lip enhancement treatment in Atlanta.

Call The K Spa to arrange a one-on-one with Dr. Stong or an experienced member of his team today.

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