Juvéderm Ultra and Ultra Plus Atlanta, GA

Juvéderm Ultra and Ultra Plus

As one of the top brands in facial fillers, Juvéderm® is constantly looking for improved options to produce cosmetic benefits. For those who want longer lasting treatment to plump lips, diminish lines and wrinkles, Juvéderm® Ultra and Ultra Plus are available for our clients at The K Spa. In a quick visit to our office, you can enjoy the benefits of our bruise-free Juvéderm® Ultra treatments to give you a more youthful appearance immediately.

At The K Spa, we understand how important it is to look your best. When smile lines appear or you want to enhance the volume of your thin lips, we have solutions to help give you the look you desire. Dr. Benjamin Stong is our medical director, a dual-certified facial plastic surgeon, overseeing our treatments to ensure our clients receive the best options in cosmetic enhancements. With Juvéderm Ultra and Ultra Plus, we have more tools in our arsenal to help you achieve gorgeous skin and lips in one visit.

When you come to The K Spa for Juvéderm Ultra or Ultra Plus, you can expect exceptional results. Under the guidance of Dr. Stong, we utilize his effective bruise-free injection method. This allows us to create excellent results with precision when using any of the Juvéderm products, yet with less discomfort and no bruising. We use blunt-tipped cannulas and a specialized technique that creates the best results with minimal or no negative side effects.

What is Juvéderm Ultra?
Juvéderm offers a line of facial filler products that utilize hyaluronic acid to add volume under the skin. Juvéderm Ultra is designed to add volume closer to the surface of the skin, yet last longer than some of the other products in this line. Juvéderm Ultra is perfect for adding plumpness to the lips or filling the fine wrinkles around the lips. It can also be used to smooth mild smile or nasolabial lines around the nose or mouth.

What is Juvéderm Ultra Plus?
Both Juvéderm Ultra and Ultra Plus can be used for beautiful enhancement of the lips or to smooth away facial lines or wrinkles. However, there are slight differences in the formulas. Ultra is better for fine lines and surface volume. Ultra Plus uses a thicker gel with larger particles that are formulated to work deeper and may be better suited for more pronounced lines, but it may also be used in some lip enhancement procedures.

What Are the Benefits of Juvéderm Ultra and Ultra Plus?
Juvéderm products, including Ultra and Ultra Plus, attract moisture under the skin using hyaluronic acid. What makes Juvéderm unique is its softer appearance and feel, which is perfect for filling lips and around the mouth. The results look natural when expertly injected by our trained technicians at The K Spa.

With Juvéderm Ultra and Ultra Plus, there is the added benefit of longer lasting results than some of the other Juvéderm products. Both can last for almost one year, extending the time needed between treatments. The results are immediately visible and with our bruise-free injections at The K Spa, you can come in for your treatment on your lunch break and return to work without noticeable marks from the injections.

Fuller Lips and Smoother Skin with Juvéderm Ultra

If you have lost volume in your lips or just want a sexier mouth, Juvéderm Ultra may be the right option to give you the lips you desire. Ultra and Ultra Plus can also be used for smoothing smile lines and combatting signs of aging. To learn more about Juvéderm Ultra, Ultra Plus and all the other cosmetic solutions we offer at The K Spa, contact our clinic in Atlanta to schedule your appointment.

* Disclaimer: These Are Actual Results For Patients Of Dr. Benjamin Stong. Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Results Can Vary Between Patients.