How Summer Sun Can Affect Your Facial Filler Treatments Atlanta, GA

How Summer Sun Can Affect Your Facial Filler Treatments

Young Females in the Sun Atlanta GA

Injectable facial filler treatments have been beneficial for both men and women to reduce the signs of aging for more than a decade. Botox® and dermal fillers both help smooth wrinkles in different ways. If you are thinking of facial rejuvenation before summer, be aware that sunlight can affect the treatment results. Here is what…

Isn’t It About Time You Tried Botox?

Woman Receiving Botox Injections Atlanta, GA

You may be surprised at how many of your friends around Atlanta use it. And after your first treatment, you may wonder why you haven’t been using it before now. We’re talking about Botox®, the most popular and widely-known dermal filler available today for cosmetic enhancements. If you haven’t tried Botox injections to enhance your…

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