Top Reasons People Love Lip Fillers Atlanta, GA
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Since modern lip enhancement techniques have gotten so good, it is likely that many of the naturally beautiful lips you see every day have been enhanced. Modern lip filler enhancements focus more on subtle signs of youth and vitality, such as form, border definition and soft hydration. In addition, expert cosmetic surgeons can use lip filler to reshape and refine the lips discreetly.

Lip fillers’ uses extend far beyond aesthetics. Lip injections now serve more of a restorative purpose, replacing something that has been lost rather than a transformative one. Let’s examine the top reasons people are so excited to get lip fillers.

Improved Projection and Crisper Outlines

The rosy, perky lips of youth raise in salute. However, as time passes, their edges become saggy and droopy. Since their lips do not feel as crisp, many patients resort to lip injections.

Fat loss as we age causes changes to the upper and lower lip contours and the development of fine lines around the mouth. This fat loss occurs both within the body of the lip, along the border and in the skin surrounding the lips. Also, when you lose fat, collagen and elastin, the lip muscles weaken and the upper jawbone moves back. All these things make your pout (the way your lips stick out) look more petite.

One subset of individuals may not have deflating lips but, instead, have lips with a blurry boundary that blends into the skin around them. Fortunately, the Cupid’s Bow may be defined, and the natural lip line can be sharpened with a small amount of filler in the right places.

Correct Asymmetries

Since everyone’s face is slightly different in shape, somewhat uneven lips are rarely detected. However, modestly disproportionate lips might be a significant issue that impacts a person’s self-esteem. Lip filler can even out lip asymmetries caused by genetics, scarring or other external factors.

In such cases, we would correct the form of the affected patient’s lip to be more in line with the unaffected side. Some people look for symmetrical fullness between the upper and lower lips, while others require symmetry between the left and right sides of one or both lips. It is all achievable with lip fillers.

Would You Like to Perfect the Form of Your Lips with Fillers?

Whatever your reason for wanting lip fillers, The K Spa is ready to bring your vision to reality. Please contact our clinic today to set up your brief appointment. After a quick session, your lips will look youthful, naturally fuller and more proportionate.

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