Microneedling Treatments Atlanta, GA

Microneedling Treatments

Woman Receiving Microneedling Treatment Atlanta GA

Having gained traction in recent years, Microneedling dates back to the mid-1990’s, and provides both immediate and ongoing results. Elle online refers to Microneedling as a multipurpose treatment that improves the look of scars, while also boosting collagen production. Short-term results include radiant, tighter-looking skin that’s luminous, while long-term improvements demonstrate an increase of nearly…

Usher In The New Year With Innovative Cheek Skin Tightening

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Given the natural process of aging and decrease in collagen production, the perpetual loss of volume and decreased skin elasticity causes the face to elongate, as cheeks hollow out and begin to droop. Meanwhile, lines and wrinkles appear along the corners of the nose and mouth, creating a less than appealing expression. This means that…

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