7  Non-Wrinkle Botox Treatments Atlanta, GA

7 Non-Wrinkle Botox Treatments

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Botox® is synonymous with wrinkle treatment for aging skin, but that is far from its only cosmetic use. Botox injections are very effective at smoothing your worry or frown lines from your brow or eliminating those crow’s feet from your eyes. However, there are many ways Botox can improve your appearance beyond wrinkle treatment. Here…

Which Dermal Fillers Fit Your Face?

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With the power to plump thinning lips, enhance cheekbones, smooth smile lines and erase under-eye circles, Very Well Health explains that dermal fillers work all sorts of magic when it comes to the face. As such, it’s no wonder that interest in today’s facial fillers is at an all-time high. Even so, doctors warn patients…

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