Your Spring Glow Atlanta, GA

Your Spring Glow

Woman Receiving Microneedling Treatment Atlanta GA

Now that spring is here it may be time for you to freshen up your facial glow. Micro-needling is one way to restore glowing, healthier looking skin. For people who are squeamish around needles, this procedure is not as bad as you may imagine. For the curious, micro-needling is a procedure that you may seriously…

When Your Weight Loss Resolution Pays Off

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One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is about losing weight. Granted, the percentage rate is fairly low for those who actually follow through on their commitment and make it to the goal. For those who do, there may be some unexpected changes in appearance, especially for older adults. Weight loss can leave sagging…

Microneedling Treatments

Woman Receiving Microneedling Treatment Atlanta GA

Having gained traction in recent years, Microneedling dates back to the mid-1990’s, and provides both immediate and ongoing results. Elle online refers to Microneedling as a multipurpose treatment that improves the look of scars, while also boosting collagen production. Short-term results include radiant, tighter-looking skin that’s luminous, while long-term improvements demonstrate an increase of nearly…

The Secret To Smoothing Away Acne Scarring

Woman Receiving Microneedling Treatment Atlanta GA

In a world inundated with products and specialty services, new-age regimens and vitamins that promise to renew one’s skin, it’s difficult to know which of these is worth it. After all, for someone with acne scarring, what are the chances that a “cream” is going to erase evidence from years of skin trauma and facial…

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