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Bunny Lines


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Gabe G.
Their aesthetic nurse, Carli, is brilliant. She's very well educated on all the treatments available and I love helping support any veteran of our armed forces. Be sure to thank Carli for her service at the spa along with her service to our country when you go to see her.
Emily W.
I had some facial fillers. No bruises.....very comfortable procedure. Dr. Stong and staff are excellent! Love the results. Would send my family and friends for treatments....I highly recommend them!
John M.
I suffered from scarring after receiving an injury to my face. The K Spa and their advanced laser resurfacing techniques made the scarring go away. Highly recommend.
Barbara F.
Pleasant experience...I have been getting Botox with Dr Stong and lasers and chemical peels with their aesthetics nurse for sometime now. Results are excellent and my skin looks fabulous. I highly recommend Dr Stong and his knowledgeable staff!
Jason T.
Excellent experience and top quality work!

Eliminate Bunny Lines

Bunnies are cute little animal with twitching noses and whiskers. When someone describes your face as having bunny lines, it's not so cute and can make you take a second look in the mirror. These diagonal lines on the side of your nose resemble a bunnies' creases around their nose, and nobody wants that! You typically acquire them naturally from smiling and squinting and occur with age.

With your face being the first thing people notice about you, you want to make sure it always looks its best. Putting a smile on your face usually brightens up and enhances your looks, but with bunny lines, your face may look more aged than it actually is and take away from your otherwise beautiful smile. Fortunately, today bunny lines are easily remedied with non-invasive procedures.

Erase Lines with a Simple Procedure

Our highly experienced dual board certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Benjamin C. Stong, has a simple, non-invasive Botox remedy for your bunny lines. With his almost painless microneedle methods and a very minimal amount of Botox, you will have your bunny lines softened or eliminated. Dr. Stong or one of his highly trained staff will be able to eliminate these wrinkles to give you a smooth youthful appearance in a short visit. Results are seen in as little as three days and last for several months.

Having done many of these procedures, you can be sure that Dr. Stong and his team will know precisely how to address your specific issue. At your consultation, Dr. Stong or one of his highly tranined team members will listen closely to your goals and then give you the best option to ensure you achieve the outcome and look you want. Contact The K Spa today to get your consultation appointment scheduled.

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