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Dermaplaning Treatment

Are you ready to experience youthful, radiant skin? K Spa offers dermaplaning to reveal the hidden beauty of your skin. Dermaplaning is a safe procedure which rids your skin of dead skin cells and those fine, pesky hairs that give your face that peach fuzz look. This simple, chemical-free treatment has been around for years and we are proud to offer it as one of our cosmetic enhancements. The K Spa professionals are highly trained and qualified to perform this delicate procedure to brighten your complexion.

The dermaplaning technique has few, if any, adverse effects. A scalpel is used to gently remove fine vellus hairs and exfoliate the surface of the skin. It is performed in a short period of time and the result is beautiful, glowing skin. Dermaplaning is a comfortable and effective alternative to chemical peels, which can irritate skin. Since it is a chemical-free procedure, it can be performed on pregnant women and nursing mothers. If you are plagued by an abundance of fine vellus hairs on your face, dermaplaning is the perfect solution. Your skin will look healthier and brighter.

The Skin Treatment Expertise of a Plastic Surgeon

Dermaplaning at The K Spa is done under the supervision of dual board certified facial plastic surgeon, Benjamin Stong, M.D.. He is also an accomplished aesthetic physician and founder of The K Spa which is an extension of the Kalos brand. The K Spa aesthetician team is highly trained by Dr. Stong so patients benefit from his superior skin treatment expertise and are provided with the best of care. The K Spa is dedicated to patient-centered care and we take pride in going the extra mile to ensure that your cosmetic goals and desires are met when you choose The K Spa as your cosmetic treatment provider.

Your skin will look and feel so much better after a dermaplaning treatment. Take time out to pamper yourself and see what a difference it will make. Contact The K Spa today to make your appointment. Ask about our other cosmetic treatments too!

* Disclaimer: These Are Actual Results For Patients Of Dr. Benjamin Stong. Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Results Can Vary Between Patients.

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