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Eliminate Bunny Lines

Bunnies are cute little animals with twitching noses and whiskers. When someone describes your face as having bunny lines, it’s not so cute and can make you take a second look in the mirror. These diagonal lines on the side of your nose resemble bunnies’ creases around their noses, and nobody wants that! You typically acquire them naturally from smiling and squinting, and they occur with age.

With your face being the first thing people notice, you want to make sure it always looks its best. Putting a smile on your face usually brightens up and enhances your looks. However, with bunny lines, your face may look older, taking away from your otherwise beautiful smile. Fortunately, bunny lines are now easily remedied with non-invasive procedures.

Botox for Bunny Lines

Botox is one of the most popular and safest cosmetic injectables, with over seven-million procedures performed in the U.S. using Botox in 2016. Botox is best known for treating furrow lines, or the “11” between the brows. It can also be used to soften lines in other areas of the face, including bunny lines around the nose. The procedure can be performed quickly in our office and does not require any downtime. You can come in on a lunchbreak and return to work without worries of any noticeable side effects.

Botox is a neurotoxin that works by blocking nerve signals to the muscles. A small injection is placed strategically in the facial muscles that contract and create bunny lines when you smile. Botox can stop the formation of these lines. You will still have your beautiful smile, but the skin and muscles on the sides of your nose will not contract to create those lines. This creates a more youthful appearance so that people only notice your smile, not the lines that can make your face appear older.

Although the effects of Botox are temporary, you will need additional injections about every 3-6 months to maintain results. They can also help minimize the progression of the lines on your face. Since the muscle is relaxed that causes the bunny lines around your nose, it is not deepening the lines as quickly when you use Botox. This can slow down the formation of these lines and help keep your face looking younger longer.

Erase Lines with a Simple Procedure

Our highly experienced, dual board certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Benjamin C. Stong, has a simple, non-invasive Botox remedy for your bunny lines. With his almost painless microneedle methods and a very minimal amount of Botox, you will have your bunny lines softened or eliminated. Dr. Stong or one of his highly trained staff members will be able to eliminate these wrinkles to give you a smooth, youthful appearance in a short visit. Results are seen in as little as three days and last for several months.

While Botox is offered at many clinics, you want to ensure this procedure is performed by a knowledgeable and experienced medical professional. While it is a simple and quick procedure, it does require expertise to ensure the placement and dose of the Botox is accurate for the best results.

Having done many of these procedures, you can be sure that Dr. Stong and his team will know precisely how to address your specific issue. At your consultation, Dr. Stong or one of his highly trained team members will listen closely to your goals. They will then give you the best option to ensure you achieve the outcome and look you want. Contact The K Spa today to get your consultation appointment scheduled.

* Disclaimer: These Are Actual Results For Patients Of Dr. Benjamin Stong. Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Results Can Vary Between Patients.

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