woman touching her face after Acne Scar Micro Needling Treatment

Acne Scar Micro Needling Treatment

Acne scars can be treated in many different ways and often include a combination of treatments to provide the very best results possible. Micro needling treatment for acne scars is often recommended for patients with darker skin pigment that do not meet the criteria for other acne scar treatments, such as laser or chemical peels.

Acne scars can leave your skin with a rough or uneven texture. To reduce the evidence of acne scarring, micro needling activates your body’s own healing and skin rejuvenation mechanisms. As a response to mild irritation created by the micro needling device, your skin begins to increase production of collagen and elastin, the ingredients required for healthy, supple-looking skin. We apply stem cell cytokines to your skin surface during and following the procedure, which act as an activator to enhance healing and healthy cell generation.

Skin Rejuvenation Through Micro Needling

Over the years, medical science has discovered that the body has amazing self-healing and regeneration abilities. As we learn how these healing and regeneration properties work, we are able to harness this knowledge to improve our medical treatments. Micro needling is an example of how we have put that knowledge to use and how we continue to improve the process as we learn more about how our bodies react to different stimuli.

Our bodies automatically develop scar tissue to heal and protect areas of skin that have been injured or inflamed from acne. With micro needling, we send similar signals. But these signals tell your skin to develop collagen and elastin, the ingredients in healthy, youthful skin, to create a new layer over your acne scars. The basic understanding behind micro needling has been around for years, but as our knowledge of cell growth and reproduction grows, our micro needling procedures improve as well. Contact us today for an appointment and ask about the new and different micro needling procedures at The K Spa.

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