woman after a Tip of Nose Lift

Tip of Nose Lift

Your face is the first part of the body that people see and should be taken care of over a life time. That being said, we all want to make a great first impression and look our best at all times. With your nose at the front and center, it can easily enhance or detract from your natural beauty. Even having a little change made to your nose can give you a whole new look, literally putting your best face forward.

Many find that the tip of their nose droops when they smile. This is because a small muscle at the base of the nose pulls the tip down with smiling. At The K Spa, we can place Botox in this muscle to give a subtle lift giving a more attractive nose, particularly when smiling. This non-invasive procedure may be just the subtle change you are looking for when considering non-surgical cosmetic improvements to the face.

World Class Doctor

Dr. Benjamin C. Stong is the founder of The K Spa and he is a world-class, double board certified, experienced facial plastic surgeon. With his oversight, you can be sure that your nose is in good hands. Dr. Stong excels at giving his patients the natural, beautiful look they want. Dr. Stong is also known for being able to achieve great results with minimally invasive non-surgical procedures.

With tiny microneedles and Botox, Dr. Stong can give your nose the subtle lift you want with little or no recovery time. This simple and short procedure will improve the aesthetics of your face and give you the end result you want with little to no discomfort. You can count on Dr. Stong and his team to always recommend the most appropriate treatment for each patient based on each patient’s goals and desired outcome. The depth of Dr. Stong’s experience paired with his advanced techniques ensures that The K Spa is the right choice for your cosmetic needs, so contact us now to schedule your consultation.

* Disclaimer: These Are Actual Results For Patients Of Dr. Benjamin Stong. Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Results Can Vary Between Patients.

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