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Fillers for Marionette Lines

The lines on either side of your mouth that head down toward your chin are often referred to as marionette lines because of the similar mouth lines seen on the faces of marionette and ventriloquist puppets. Selecting the appropriate facial fillers and precise placement of the injections is essential to soften these deeper lines and provide a smooth, even look. It is highly recommended that the choice and injection of fillers for marionette lines be done by a plastic surgeon. Our expert medical team at The K Spa is headed by our director, Dr. Benjamin C. Stong, a respected facial plastic surgeon.

An intimate knowledge of the facial muscles and structure are important to assure accurate placement for the treatment of these lines with injectable fillers. Understanding the differences between how each facial filler works, and its end result will guide the physician in recommending the appropriate filler or fillers to be used in your treatment. At The K Spa, our facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Stong, and a highly qualified team of medical professionals are available to direct and perform the treatment of your marionette lines. We understand that each patient is different and approach every treatment with the unique needs of our patient in mind, including treating marionette lines. The best option for one patient may not be the best for another, which is why we go over the benefits of each different product and give you options.

Many med spas offer dermal fillers for the treatment of smile or marionette lines, but few have a dual board certified and fellowship-trained facial plastic surgeon as their director. Dr. Benjamin Stong’s influence and expertise give The K Spa the advantage of surgical expertise to ensure all our cosmetic treatments are performed at an advanced level. The extensive knowledge and artistic ability of Dr. Stong and our medical team give you access to improved options in cosmetic procedures, including filling and smooth marionette lines.

Soften the Lines Below Your Mouth

The development of marionette lines is often accompanied by other signs of aging in your mouth and chin area. By working with our dual board certified plastic surgeon, you can expect to receive guidance in your anti-aging treatments that are comprehensive and complete, addressing all your areas of concern. In many cases, our aesthetics team will use a combination of injectables, both fillers and neuromodulators, to provide you with the best possible results. It is always your choice, but we will give you the options available that we believe will give you the results you desire.

The right dermal filler combined with the perfected techniques of our medical team at The K Spa can help smooth away marionette lines and other wrinkles that age your face and smile. Our team is highly skilled at creating natural results that allow for fluid movement when you talk, laugh or smile, while still offering a more youthful appearance. Plus, our bruise-free technique means no downtime ā€“ you can schedule your treatment in the middle of a busy week without the need for recovery or downtime after your procedure.

Facial fillers, like other injectable, nonsurgical treatments, are temporary. As you begin to see the effects beginning to wear off, the treatments can be repeated. If, at any point, you’d like to discuss a more permanent solution through plastic surgery, Dr. Stong will be happy to explain those procedures and the results you could expect. At The K Spa, you are always the one in control. We respect your right to choose your own treatment path and will never pressure you to make one choice over another. Contact us today to schedule a consultation about treating marionette lines.

* Disclaimer: These Are Actual Results For Patients Of Dr. Benjamin Stong. Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Results Can Vary Between Patients.

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