woman during a Medium Depth Chemical Peel

Medium Depth Chemical Peels

There are different types of chemical peel treatments. Each type contains a different combination of chemicals and is designed to reach different depths of your skin. Medium depth chemical peels are generally used for moderate photoaging, irregular pigmentation, acne treatment and smoothing of textural issues on your skin. At The K Spa, we understand the importance of developing a full skin care plan that includes preparation before you begin chemical peel treatments and follow-up skin care regimens after your peels.

Most patients see results from their first medium depth chemical peels, but generally, a treatment plan of three to six applications is recommended for the best results. These peels are effective on a number of different skin types and skin conditions. During the application, you may feel some mild stinging as the chemicals begin to penetrate your skin. The entire peeling process usually lasts five to seven days, as the dead skin layers begin to peel off to expose the fresh layer of skin beneath.

How Does a Medium Depth Chemical Peel Work?

Just as its name implies, a medium depth chemical peel penetrates a skin layer depth that is deeper than a superficial peel but not as deep as a deep chemical peel. In general, a medium depth peel exfoliates the epidermis (outer) layer of skin but also penetrates the basal layer and reaches the upper reticular dermis. At this level of the skin, the active ingredients of the chemical peel, such as trichloroacetic acid (TCA), cause a moderate nature of purposeful destruction within the tissues and consequential inflammatory response. This process triggers new collagen growth and other building blocks of healthy, youthful skin. Patients report improved skin texture and an enhanced vitality of the skin.

A medium depth chemical peel works to reduce fine wrinkles as well as improve superficial discoloration and mild photoaging. Dr. Stong recommends this type of chemical peel for patients who want more dramatic results than a superficial peel but wish to avoid the risk and recovery associated with deeper peels. At The K Spa, we proudly offer a full menu of chemical peels and other services in facial rejuvenation to accommodate every patient’s needs and goals.

If you’re looking for a caring, elite experience, The K Spa offers that patient-centric environment. We want you to feel pampered and cared for in every visit, regardless of the type of treatments you have scheduled. Contact us today to learn more about medium depth chemical peels.

* Disclaimer: These Are Actual Results For Patients Of Dr. Benjamin Stong. Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Results Can Vary Between Patients.

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