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Botox for Corner Mouth Lip Lift Treatment

No one wants to look like they have a permanent frown. Yet, that can be the result when the muscles at the corners of your mouth pull your smile downward. Thankfully, you can get those frowning muscles to relax and quit pulling downward, quickly and easily. At The K Spa, we use Botox injections for corner of the mouth lip lifts. This small injection, placed strategically in the correct muscle, will turn off the frown. It will give your mouth a natural and even look, making it easier for your happy smile to shine through.

Our non-bruising Botox injections can be completed very quickly and with no negative effects. Many clients make appointments during their lunch hours, knowing their appointment time will be short. They can go back to work immediately after without any concerns. The injections are not painful, and with our unique approach, bruising isn’t a concern, either. The full effect of the Botox treatment is usually apparent in 3-5 days, lasting several months. Repeat treatments can be safely used to maintain the desired effect.

Get Rid of Your Permafrown

Do people think you look unhappy when you simply have a neutral expression on your face? Some people just have mouth corners that droop downward, giving their face an unintended frowning appearance. With the skillful injection of Botox in the appropriate facial muscle, that permafrown can be relaxed and your facial expression can match your mood.

Botox is commonly used to rid the face of unwanted lines that occur as it ages. Whether they are between the brows, forming the infamous “11” lines or at the corners of your mouth, these lines can change the expression of your face and make you appear older. Botox is a safe neurotoxin that neutralizes muscle contractions, smoothing these lines. Our team at The K Spa uses only the highest quality Botox with microneedles that reduce the possibility of bruising or discomfort for our patients.

With a Botox corner mouth lip lift procedure, Dr. Stong and our aesthetics team target the muscles that pull the corners of the lips downward. By relaxing these specific muscles, the corners of the mouth elevate back to their neutral position. For those who are constantly asked whether they are upset due to a downturn of the corners of their lips, this procedure can give them a more pleasant and youthful appearance.

Medical Expertise for Non-Surgical Corner Mouth Lip Lifts

Our patients come to The K Spa for their Botox injections because they want the expertise offered by a medical spa led by a highly revered plastic surgeon. The skill of the practitioner can make the difference between a positive and negative Botox experience. Dr. Stong’s professional reputation as an artistic physician brings extra confidence to our patients. He holds a dual board certification in facial plastic surgery and is revered as one of the most experienced and talented plastic surgeons available.

Dr. Stong understands the complexity of the facial muscles which is important when performing a corner mouth lip lift treatment. Addressing the correct muscles and precise placement of the injections are crucial for the best results. While the results are temporary, this procedure can give you the look you desire. If you want a more permanent solution, Dr. Stong can also recommend plastic surgery options he offers at Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery, LLC.

For corner mouth lip lift treatments, chemical brow lifts and a host of other facial treatments, skillfully applied Botox injections can make a dramatic, but subtle difference in the look you project. Don’t trust your face to just any medical spa. Enjoy the elite and professional experience offered by The K Spa where creating beautiful faces is our specialty. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.


* Disclaimer: These Are Actual Results For Patients Of Dr. Benjamin Stong. Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Results Can Vary Between Patients.

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