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Forehead Line Treatment

Creases on our foreheads often develop over time from our repeated facial expressions. These forehead lines can create an aging effect, making us look older than we should. Those lines can vanish quickly with non-surgical chemical treatments guided by the expertise of our plastic surgeon, Dr. Benjamin Stong. At The K Spa, our patients’ desires and best interests are always put first. You can count on us to provide a comprehensive view of all your options for forehead line treatment.

Knowledge is empowering. We will take the time to explain the positives and negatives of each treatment option, including plastic surgery when it is appropriate. Our patient-centric approach always keeps you in control, building a strong level of trust and partnership between you and the professionals who serve you at The K Spa. You will always be a part of the treatment process, and your input will help us determine the best options to get the results you desire.

Diminishing Forehead Lines

Your facial expressions are part of what make you unique. A quizzical look or surprised expression is a part of how you communicate. Unfortunately, these everyday expressions can leave their mark on your face as you get older. The lines that appear when you are surprised or frown, can stay on your face. This is even when you are not taken off guard or angry at all. However, with Botox treatment, you can soften those lines and turn back the hands of time on your forehead in just a quick, non-invasive treatment.

Botox is one of the most effective treatments for deep lines that appear on the face, especially on the forehead or brow. The medication is carefully injected into the exact muscles that cause the lines on your forehead. We use tiny needles with pure forms of Botox, which help minimize any discomfort or bruising. Botox blocks signals from the brain that tell the muscles to contract, helping to soften the lines on your forehead for a more youthful and pleasant appearance.

Botox treatments for forehead lines and brow furrows can be performed at our office quickly and effectively. The procedure only takes a few minutes once you have had a consultation and examination of your problem areas. Many patients come in for their Botox treatments on a lunch break and return directly back to their jobs. There is no recovery time needed, and no one will even know you had a cosmetic procedure done that day. Results become apparent over the next several days and can last for several months before the treatment needs to be repeated.

Botox for Worry Lines

Botox injections are just one of the many non-surgical forehead line treatments we offer at The K Spa. Botox has been used successfully for years to smooth out worry lines in the forehead area. This chemical treatment is extremely safe, and when applied skillfully, provides a smooth anti-aging effect. At The K Spa, you never need to worry about your Botox results looking stiff or unnatural. The oversight of a plastic surgeon ensures that your injections are perfectly placed, and the exact amount of chemical is used in the injections to give the desired effect.

For the most specialized patient care, don’t trust your face to a mediocre medical spa. In the Atlanta area, you have access to the highest quality of care and treatments available at The K Spa. If your cosmetic needs go beyond the temporary fix of Botox, Dr. Stong, a dual board certified facial plastic surgeon, will be there to guide you through that process as well. There are permanent results that can be obtained with cosmetic surgery. Contact us today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Stong.

* Disclaimer: These Are Actual Results For Patients Of Dr. Benjamin Stong. Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Results Can Vary Between Patients.

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