womans face after Brown Spot Reduction Chemical Peels

Brown Spot Reduction Chemical Peels

Brown spots on your skin can develop from sun exposure or as a natural result of aging. These brown spots can give your skin an uneven pigmentation which is hard to cover with makeup. At K Spa, we offer brown spot reduction through chemical peels guided by the expertise of a highly respected plastic surgeon, Dr. Benjamin Stong.

Chemical peels are used to remove outer layers of skin where most of the dark pigmentation resides. With the appropriate chemical peel applications, brown spots can be lightened, made less noticeable and easier to cover with foundation makeup. During your initial consultation for brown spot reduction, we will provide our recommendation for a chemical peel treatment for your specific skin condition. We explain the process, the number of treatments recommended and what you can expect during your recovery period.

Hyperpigmentation Chemical Peel Treatment

When darker pigment collects in the skin, a patch or patches will form, this is called hyperpigmentation. These darker areas on your skin can usually be lightened using a hyperpigmentation chemical peel treatment. The specific chemical peel treatment used for evening out the pigmentation on your skin will be determined in your initial consultation. At The K Spa, we provide a personalized treatment plan for each patient. Your comfort and desired results will be the priority that guides everything we do.

Skin Lightening Chemical Peels

Whether you are looking to lighten the freckles on your face or lighten your overall skin tone, professionally applied chemical peels can provide the lightening you desire. Skin lightening chemical peels often require several treatments to achieve the results desired. At The K Spa, our plastic surgeon, Dr. Stong has personally chosen the chemical peel solutions we use for skin lightening based on his expert knowledge of skin pigmentation and the chemicals being used in each peel. At The K Spa, you can always be assured of receiving the highest quality personal and medical care. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Stong about our brown spot reduction chemical peels.

* Disclaimer: These Are Actual Results For Patients Of Dr. Benjamin Stong. Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Results Can Vary Between Patients.

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