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Lower Cheek Treatment

You don’t need to have plastic surgery to change many aspects of your facial features. For example, there are minimally invasive facial filler options that can be used in the lower cheek area to fill out sunken or drooping areas above the jawline. Using facial fillers to rejuvenate your facial features and give you back a look of youthful vitality is a great option for those who want to enhance their appearance, but want it done quickly and affordably. Our professional medical team at The K Spa offers noninvasive cosmetic treatments to give you a more youthful or healthy appearance in your face, including dermal fillers for the lower cheek and jawline region.

Facial fillers all have different characteristics. Some are better for subtle adjustments such as around the lips or eyes. Others offer more volume and work well where there are bigger hollows to fill, such as the upper and lower cheek areas. Dr. Benjamin Stong and our aesthetic medical professionals are all well-versed in the different types of fillers we use at The K Spa. They will offer their recommendations for use in your lower cheek treatment and explain their reasoning, so you can make informed choices in your treatment.

One of the most common surgical treatments for aging is the facelift, which helps lift sagging skin and tissue in the jowls, neck and lower cheek area. However, in the earlier stages of aging, facial fillers can give a “liquid” facelift, adding plumpness that lifts the skin and tissue in the lower cheek area to a more youthful position. This is a wonderful, noninvasive option to get quick results that can help you look years younger in one visit to our clinic. Our medical team understands the best techniques and products to create a natural, youthful look without surgery, bruising or downtime after the procedure.

Fillers for the Jaw Line

It is common for the lower cheek area, just above the jawline, to lose volume and appear more sunken as you age. Often, this is just one aspect of a naturally aging appearance, but not one you must accept. Adding dermal fillers into the lower cheek area can restore a rounder, more youthful appearance or add definition to your jawline, depending on the look you desire. Our aesthetic medical experts will listen to your concerns and offer the best treatment options to give you the results you prefer.

While our aesthetician and cosmetic physician are happy to provide treatment and fillers for the jawline, they will often suggest other cosmetic enhancement procedures to further complement the improvements in your cheek area. These may include chemical eyebrow lifts or crow’s feet treatments to restore the youthful beauty of your eye area, or Botox and fillers for your lip and mouth area to remove aging lines and restore volume. We offer many different cosmetic treatment options that can complement each other and your overall appearance, while still appearing natural and genuine.

Helping you reach your facial feature and beauty goals is our priority at The K Spa. We are uniquely positioned to provide the widest options and strongest medical advice available in the area of cosmetic improvements for the face and neck area. Dual board certified and fellowship trained, Dr. Ben Stong can offer advice that covers the full breadth of treatment options, from temporary solutions like injectables to the more permanent options of plastic surgery. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment to learn more about lower cheek or jawline dermal injections using our bruise-free techniques.

* Disclaimer: These Are Actual Results For Patients Of Dr. Benjamin Stong. Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Results Can Vary Between Patients.

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