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Hair Removal


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Gabe G.
Their aesthetic nurse, Carli, is brilliant. She's very well educated on all the treatments available and I love helping support any veteran of our armed forces. Be sure to thank Carli for her service at the spa along with her service to our country when you go to see her.
Emily W.
I had some facial fillers. No bruises.....very comfortable procedure. Dr. Stong and staff are excellent! Love the results. Would send my family and friends for treatments....I highly recommend them!
John M.
I suffered from scarring after receiving an injury to my face. The K Spa and their advanced laser resurfacing techniques made the scarring go away. Highly recommend.
Barbara F.
Pleasant experience...I have been getting Botox with Dr Stong and lasers and chemical peels with their aesthetics nurse for sometime now. Results are excellent and my skin looks fabulous. I highly recommend Dr Stong and his knowledgeable staff!
Jason T.
Excellent experience and top quality work!

Laser Hair Removal

For permanent hair reduction in most areas of your body, laser hair removal is the answer. To put an end to stubble, and continual shaving and waxing, our specialists will generally recommend a series of laser treatments. Even though you will see results after your very first treatment, as you continue with your treatment plan, you will continue to see less hair regrowth each time.

Laser hair removal works in a very targeted fashion. The laser energy beam is attracted to darker pigment in your hair, killing the root without damaging your skin. At The K Spa, our laser specialists utilize a number of different laser treatments and are experts in their application. Everyone’s skin and hair growth is unique. As with all of our treatments, your laser hair removal will be personally designed based on your skin and hair types, along with your desired results.

Hair Removal for Men and Women

Laser hair removal can be performed on very small areas, such as around eyebrows to decrease the need for plucking, or much larger areas such as the back, chest, legs and arms. Bikini and Brazilian hair removal treatments are popular with both men and women. Laser hair removal provides that ‘just shaved’ smoothness, but without the quick regrowth of stubble in a few hours or days. Laser treatments cause minimal discomfort by using an advanced cooling system and offer a more permanent solution than waxing or shaving.

Some of our patients at The K Spa want to avoid the hassle of shaving their legs and armpits. Others simply prefer a body image with a sleek, smooth finish or might be competing in the bodybuilding arena. Some are experiencing hormonal facial hair growth that they want to eliminate. Regardless of the reason or the size of area requiring laser hair removal, you can trust the medical professionals at The K Spa to provide a higher level of expert care and advice than you can find at any other local med spa.

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